3D Puzzle Venture (under development)

3D Puzzle Venture gameplay screenshot

Are you bored with flat PC jigsaw puzzle games? Have you ever wanted to solve jigsaw puzzles on your computer together with your friends or kids? If so, this is the right game for you! Below you can find out what makes this game unique among other PC jigsaw puzzle games:

  • 3D for higher level of realism
  • network play to have fun together
  • integrated puzzle category editor to make your own puzzles easily accessible
  • multiple levels of difficulty
  • own 3D gallery, that can be filled with puzzles you have solved
  • 40 high resolution puzzle images included
  • multi language version (English, Spanish, German, French and Polish languages included)

Please note, that this game is currently in the beta tests stage, thus there could be several bugs present and as a consequence there is no possibility to buy it at the moment.

3D for higher level of realism

3D Puzzle Venture gameplay screenshot

While most of other jigsaw puzzle games for PC are simple 2D games, the 3D Puzzle Venture is using 3D technology to provide you with a realistic feelings when playing it. All puzzle pieces are true 3D objects generated using advanced mathematic algorithms instead of simple 2D images. Combining it with a 3D view and a camera that you can rotate, move, raise and lower, makes playing the 3D Puzzle Venture as real as solving true jigsaw puzzles. Please see attached screenshots to find out how realistic this game is.

Network play to have fun together

Have you ever wondered what makes real jigsaw puzzles more entertaining than PC jigsaw puzzle games? One of the most important factor is the ability of solving them together with friends rather than having fun alone. The 3D Puzzle Venture game gives you this missing factor! Each game you start can be joined by other players from your Local Area Network to support you and have fun together. You can communicate each other using an in-game text messages, as well as point a specific puzzle piece or place to other players, so they can easily see what you mean.

Integrated puzzle category editor

3D Puzzle Venture puzzle category editor screenshot

Have you ever had the feeling that real jigsaw puzzles with popular TV characters are way to expensive? Have you ever wanted to solve puzzle with some beautiful image accidentally encountered while surfing the Internet? With this 3D jigsaw puzzle game it is no more a problem. The number of puzzles you can solve is unlimited, as you can create your own puzzle categories using any images you want! Be it some found over the Internet or your own photos. No matter if they are with popular cartoon characters, cars, or views, you have puzzles with them for free!

But what is the most important, you prepare each category only once to access it from the game in the same way as integrated puzzles. No need to search for images each time you want to solve puzzles based on them. No need to teach your kids how to find images with their favorite cartoon or TV characters. You can prepare whole puzzle category once and let them solve any of it whenever they want to!

Multiple levels of difficulty

3D Puzzle Venture gameplay with 1200 pieces screenshot

The 3D Puzzle Venture game allows you to choose number of pieces when starting new game by selecting one of 6 levels of difficulty. The easiest one will have around 12 puzzles (it can vary depending on the proportions of the image), while the hardest one will give you a possibility of solving up to 1600 puzzles (in case of a square image). This makes our puzzle game suitable for everyone, from young children which will probably have enough fun of matching several pieces together, through people that want simply to exercise their mind while solving semi-complicated puzzles, up to people looking for long hours of the true mind challenge.

Own gallery of fame with solved puzzles

3D Puzzle Venture gallery screenshot

Have you ever felt there was something missing after solving a complicated PC puzzle? Was simple congratulations screen no reward at all? With our 3D Puzzle Venture game it is guaranteed nothing like this will happen again! Each time you solve a jigsaw puzzle you can put it in the virtual 3D gallery - a place where you can admire or show your efforts so far to someone else. You can access it any time and navigate through it as you would be a real person walking among walls with solved puzzles hanging on them.

40 high resolution puzzle images included

3D Puzzle Venture integrated puzzles presentation image

In case you have no access to external images, or you are not interested in searching for them, but want to have fun as soon as possible, together with this game you will be given 40 integrated puzzles. All of them are based on high resolution images selected to provide you a great amount of fun! They are grouped in 4 categories (that is 10 images in each category):

  • architecture
  • landscapes
  • animals
  • others

Try before you buy it

To guarantee that you are satisfied with the purchase, we offer you a free trial version that you can download and try first. Thanks to such a solution you risk nothing at all when buying our games. You can check if you like the game and verify if it works properly on your computer. The trial version can be downloaded without giving your personal informations and with no registration.

To download a free trial of the 3D Puzzle Venture game please just click the Download Free Trial button on this page.

The 3D Puzzle Venture trial version allows you to solve 4 free jigsaw puzzles included with it (one from each category) alone or together with other people over your Local Area Network! You can solve them as many times as you want, but you will have no possibility to load previously saved game using this version.

How can I order the game?

As already stated, this game is currently in the beta tests stage, thus there could be several bugs present. As a consequence, you are free to download a Trial Beta version, but you may not buy the product yet. As soon as we get response about problems present in the game and fix them, we will provide a possibility of ordering a full version of the fixed game.

System Requirements

Please note, that due to a large number of possible hardware combinations we can not guarantee that below requirements are 100% true. They are based on our observation only and it is possible that playing this game on your PC will not be possible even though it meets the requirements. That's why we encourage you to download the Trial Version and verify that it is working properly before you purchase the full version.

Minimal Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor Speed: 1.5 GHz
Graphics Card: Any card compatible with DirectX 9.0c

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor Speed: 1.5 GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce 6600 or higher / ATI Radeon X1300 or higher